FELIX G. G. Hernandez

at LNMS-ifusp

Laboratório de novos materiais semicondutores


Electronic magnetism in semiconductor nanostructures is one of the important properties to be harnessed in spintronic devices as well as in prototypical systems for quantum information processing.

In order to provide an improved picture of the overall quantum system, my research lines are:

  1. 1)Spin Hall Effect, Quantum Hall Effect in multilayer systems.

  2. 2)Spin dynamics in semiconductor quantum wells/dots,

  3. 3)Transport in Aharanov-Bohm rings and quantum wells,

  4. 4)Manipulation of magnetic vortex structures with pulsed fields,

  5. 5)Other exotic materials: graphene, n-v centers, topological insulators, ...


Research Projects

Solid-state systems are interesting for implementation of quantum information processing because they may provide controllable qubits sufficiently protected from environment- induced classicality. Specifically, we study the qubit defined by the two-level system of a confined electron spin in semiconductors.

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