Quantum thermodynamics and quantum transport

Recent news:

 - Between 11 and 15/02 I will teach a mini-course on Introductory Quantum Information together with Dr. Jader Pereira dos Santos at IFUSP. More information can be found here

 - New information on Prof. Cecilia Cormick’s mini-course on quantum optics is now available. The course will take place between Feb. 12 and 14. 

- Check out the great newspiece from José Tadeu Arantes for Agência FAPESP, on our latest PRL. This piece was also reproduced on several outreach outlets around the world. 

- I will visit Prof John Goold at Trinity College, Dublin, between 21/01/2019 and 25/01.

- I will visit Prof. Eric Lutz at the University of Stuttgart between 28/01 and 01/02.

- Check out the "II Workshop on Quantum Information and Thermodynamics to be held in the International Institute of Physics, in Natal, between 11 and 22/03. 

- Check-out the website for the upcoming conference Emergent Platforms in Quantum Information Processing, to be held @ IFUSP between 15-17 of april, 2019. More information will be posted soon.

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