Quantum thermodynamics and quantum transport

Recent news:

- Check out our latest paper on multipartite correlations in Dicke superradiance, in collaboration with the group of Prof. Duzzioni at UFSC. 

- StatMech 2019-2 students: Please visit the course webpage for information about the lecture hours

- Franklin’s paper on the  "Thermodynamics of weakly coherent collisional models has just been published on arXiv. 

 - Between 11/07 and 16/07 I will be visiting Dr. Felix Binder at IQOQI in Vienna. 

 - Between 17/07 and 28/07 I will be visiting Prof. Francesco Ciccarello at the University of Palermo in Italy. 

 - Between 12/08 and 30/08 I will be in ICTP Trieste for the College on Energy Transport and Energy Conversion in the Quantum Regime.

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