Quantum thermodynamics and quantum transport

Recent news:

- Our paper on the Role of quantum coherence in entropy production is finally published on Nature Quantum Information.

- Check-out our latest pre-print on the thermodynamics of precision in quantum systems, in collaboration with Giacomo Guarnieri and John Goold from Trinity and Stephen Clark from Bristol.

- Dr. Giacomo Guarnieri and PhD student Cecilia Chiaracane, both from the group of John Goold in Dublin, will visit USP between 25/03 and 30/03. The details for their seminars will be posted soon.  

- Check-out the website for the upcoming conference Emergent Platforms in Quantum Information Processing, to be held @ IFUSP between 15-17 of april, 2019. More information will be posted soon.

 - During this semester, I will be participating on the following outreach initiatives: 
   - Café com quantum, 11/04, 14:00 @ IFUSP.
   - Pint of science: 20/05 @ Dellirium and 21/05 @ Bar da Avareza (more information soon)
   - Física para todos: 01/06, 10:30 @ Biblioteca Mario de Andrade.


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