Quantum thermodynamics and quantum transport

Latest news (updated 03/04):

- Check out our latest preprint on Wehrl entropy dynamics in the LMG model. This work is part of Bruno Goes’ dissertation and counted with the collaboration of Dr. Mikel Sanz and Profs. Lucas Céleri and Enrique Solano from Bilbao. 

- Check out our latest preprint on Coherence and Criticality in Irreversible Work. This is part of the Ph.D. thesis of Adalberto Varizi and is a collaboration with Profs. André Vieira (IFUSP), Raphael Drumond (UFMG) and Cecilia Cormick (National University of Cordoba). 

- On friday 20/03 I participated on the new online seminar series Quarantine Thermodynamics. The video feed can be found here and the PDF can be found in the Talks page. Also, if you are interested in upcoming seminars, join the mailing list for more information.

- Check out our latest preprint on joint fluctuation theorems for sequential heat exchange

- Our paper on fluctuation theorems beyond two-point measurements has just been published in PRL.

- Check out our latest preprint on quantum correlations in PT-symmetric systems. This is a collaboration with the group of Prof. Francesco Ciccarello from the University of Palermo. 

- The Qulib library has just been updated to include functions for computing the Quantum Fisher Information for qubits and Gaussian states.

- Starting on July 2020, I will spend one year on a sabatical at Trinity College Dublin, working in the group of Prof. John Goold. This will be funded by a joint FAPESP-ERC call for collaborations. 

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