Quantum thermodynamics and quantum transport

Latest news (updated 14/11):

- Stat Mech: problem set 4 is now available. Deadline is 26/11.

- Check out our latest preprint on Landauer’s principle at zero temperature. 

- Check out our latest preprint on entropy production in driven-dissipative transitions! This paper is a part of Bruno Goes’ project and also counted with the collaboration of Prof. Carlos Fiore from IFUSP. 

- Our paper on Collisional Thermometry just appeared on PRL.

- Our paper on Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relations and Fluctuation Theorems just appeared in the Agência FAPESP outreach channel. 

- In December/January I will be in Europe to visit the groups of Prof. John Goold (07/12 to 21/12), Dr. Felix Binder (06/01 to 09/01),  Prof. Mauro Paternostro (09/01 to 23/01), Prof. Gerardo Adesso (23/01 to 31/01) and Prof. Eric Lutz (10/02 to 14/02). 

- Between 02 and 06 of Feb. 2020, I will give a talk at the Quantum Thermodynamics for Young Scientists conference at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef. 

- Starting on July 2020, I will spend one year on a sabatical at Trinity College Dublin, working in the group of Prof. John Goold. This will be funded by a joint FAPESP-ERC call for collaborations. 

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