In this page I list all opportunities we had in our group to interact with news outlets and other channels outside academia.


March 2020: ou paper on Fluctuation Theorems beyond 2-point measurements just appeared in the weekly bulletin of the Brazilian Physical Society

January 2020: I gave an interview for the Brazilian news website UOL on Quantum coaches


December 2019: I participated on a podcast interview from CaféDebug about quantum computing and other quantum technologies, which I recently participate. 

November 2019: our paper on Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relations and Fluctuation Theorems was featured on Phys.org.

October 2019: our paper on Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relations and Fluctuation Theorems appeared in the Agência FAPESP outreach channel. 

September 2019: I presented an outreach talk to 1st year students on Measurements in Quantum Physics. PDF.

June, 2019: I presented an outreach talk on the event Física para todos @ Biblioteca Mario de Andrade, São Paulo, entitled "a seta do tempo no mundo da física quântica"PDF.

May, 2019: I presented a seminar on quantum physics for engineering students a@t Universidad ORT Uruguay entitle "The arrow of time in the quantum realm”. PDF.

May, 2019: I presented a seminar for physics undergraduates @ IFUSP entitle "Quantum correlations and the arrow of time." PDF.

Mar., 2019: Our paper on  "The role of quantum coherence in non-equilibrium entropy production”, appeared in the following news outlets: 

Feb., 2019: Check out an article I wrote to Jornal da USP (portuguese) about recent investments in Quantum Technologies. The same article was also discussed in a Radio Interview at USP (again in portuguese).

Jan., 2019: Our paper on the Experimental determination of irreversible entropy production in out-of-equilibrium mesoscopic quantum systems”,  Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 160604 (2018), appeared in the following outlets:
 - APS synopsis on physics.
 - Agência FAPESP.
 - Phys.org.
 - Science daily.
 - Sciencemag.
 - The long room.
 - Brazilian Physical Society (SBF).
 - IFSC-USP news portal.
 - TodayChan.
 - WorldProNews.
 - NewsCaf.
 - Tunisiesoir.
 - CanadianGlobalTechnologies.
 - Shamel News.
 - BrightSurf


Nov., 2018: Check out an article I co-authored  for Jornal da USP, about applications of quantum metrology in medicine.

Nov., 2018: Check out my interview at USP radio about how quantum technologies will be even more present on our daily lives. 

Jul., 2018: The lecture I gave at the “Quantum Transport” conference at IIP-Natal can be found here.

Apr., 2018: I was interviewed by Correio Brasiliense about Ockeloen-Korppi, et. al. paper on Nature, about stabilized entanglement between two massive mechanical oscillators. 


Oct., 2017: The colloquium I have at IFUSP on Quantum Thermodynamics can be found here.

Jun., 2017: Our paper on "The Wigner Entropy Production Rate, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 220601 (2017), has appeared in the following outlets:  
 - Jornal da USP.
 - Brazilian Physical Society (SBF).

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