Here is a list of the latest talks or poster presentations from our group:

 - Posters from the VII Paraty Quantum Information School and Workshop: 
    - Mariana Afeche Cipolla.
    - Marcelo J. Pereira.
    - Gabriel Oliveira Alves.
    - Bruno Ortega Goes.
    - Franklin Luis S. Rodrigues

 - University of Palermo. PDF.
   Title: Thermodynamic uncertainty relations as a consequence of fluctuation theorems.

 - Física para todos (outreach). PDF.
    Title: a seta do tempo no mundo da física quântica.

 - EOSBF, Aracaju (2019-05).
   Title: Landauer’s principle for Gaussian quantum systems. PDF.
   Title:  Tensor Networks Based DMRG Study on Open Quantum Systems. PDF. By Heitor Casagrande.
   Title: thermodynamics of precision in quantum non-equilibrium systems. PDF
   Title: Work Induced Constrained Quantum Dynamics (Poster). PDF. By André Timpanaro.
   Title: The critical Rabi model. PDF. By Gabriel Alves.

 - ORT Uruguay (2019-05): PDF.
   Title: The arrow of time in the quantum realm (outreach talk).

 - Café com Quantum (2019-04) @ IFUSP: PDF.
   Title: Quantum correlations and the arrow of time. 

 - Quantum Information and Thermodynamics - IIP@Natal: PDF.
   Title: Quantum features of irreversibility.

 - CQT, Singapore (2019-02): PDF.
   Title: Measures of irreversibility in quantum phase space.
   The video of the colloquium can be found here

- Stuttgart University  (2019-01): PDF.
  Title: Quantum features of irreversibility.

- Seminar at Queen’s University in Belfast and Trinity College Dublin (2018-12): PDF.
  Title: Thermodynamics and information in quantum non-equilibrium steady-states.

- Seminar at the Hadrons and Theoretical Physics group @ IFUSP (2018-09): PDF.
  Title: Quantum Thermodynamics.

- Quantum discussions journal club: PDF.
   Paper: J. Léonard, et. al., "Monitoring and manipulating Higgs and Goldstone modes in a supersolid quantum gas”, Science, 358, 1415-1418 (2017).

- Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2018-09): PDF.
   Title: Quantifying irreversibility at the quantum level.

- Internatinal Institute of Physics (Natal). Conference on transport in quantum systems (2018-07): PDF.
  Title: Quantifying irreversibility in quantum systems. 
  Click here to watch the video.

- Fall meeting of the Brazilian physical society at Foz do Iguaçu (2018-05): PDF.
  Title: Measures of irreversibility using quantum phase space.

- Freshman’s introductory lecture at IFUSP (2018-02): PDF
  Title: Welcome to the age of quantum mechanics (in portuguese).

- Seminar at Queens University in Belfast (2018-02): PDF.
  Title: Energy barriers between metastable states in first order quantum phase transitions.

- Seminar at Université de Lorraine and SISSA (2018-01): PDF.
  Title: Measures of irreversibility in quantum phase space.

- Seminar at UFMG and UFSC (2017-11): PDF.
  Title: Quantum thermodynamics and irreversibility

- Coloquium for the Physics Institute (IFUSP) (2017-10): PDF
  Title: Quantum thermodynamics and irreversibility. 

- VI Paraty Quantum Information Workshop (2017-08): PDF.
  Title: Phase space measures of irreversibility. 

- FGE group seminar (2017-05): PDF.
  Title: Measures of irreversibility for open quantum systems.

- IFUSP Summer course (2017-02): PDF. NB file (Mathematica).
  Title: Introduction to quantum thermodynamics and the fluctuation theorems (in Portuguese).

- IFT Congresso Paulo Leal (2016-10): PDF. NB file (Mathematica).
  Title: Open quantum systems applied to condensed matter physics.

- Brazilian Physics Meeting (2016-09): PDF. NB file (Mathematica).
  Title: Heat fluctuations in quantum spin chains.

- Invited seminar. State University of Londrina (UEL) (2016-05): PDF. NB file (Mathematica).
  Title: Non-equilibrium open quantum systems (in Portuguese).

- Brazilian Condensed Matter Physics meeting (2015-05): PDF. NB file (Mathematica).
  Title: A magnonic logic gate in the open Heisenberg chain.

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