The group


- Jader Pereira dos Santos (post-doc). 2016-present.  ArXiv papers. Lattes.
  Research topics:
     - Entropy production in bosonic open quantum systems.
     - Microscopic theory of Lindblad dynamics for many-body systems.

PhD students: 

Rodolfo Reis Soldati (PhD) 2019. Lattes.

Research topics (project PDF): 
  - Ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices.
  - Dissipative quantum phase transitions. 
  - Quantum simulations of thermodynamic processes. 
  - Absorption refrigerators. 

Naim Elias Comar (PhD) 2019. Lattes.

Research topics:  
  - Exact formulations of quantum transport in fermionic and bosonic chains.  
  - Lindblad equations and non-equilibrium Green
s functions. 
  - Entropy production from exact non-equilibrium steady-states.

Master students:

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- William Tiago Batista Malouf (MSc) 2017-present.  Lattes.

Research topics (project PDF): 
      - Measures of irreversibility for Gaussian preserving maps.  
      - Relation between entropy production and loss of coherence.

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- Heitor Peres Casagrande (MSc) 2017-present. Lattes.

  Research topics (project PDF):
       - Tensor networks and open quantum systems. 
       - Transport in quantum spin chains.

- Pedro Vinicius Portugal (MSc) 2018-present. Lattes.
  Research topics (project PDF): 
      - Non-markovianity and irreversibility in open quantum systems.
      - Microscopic derivations of local vs. global master equations.


- Franklin Luis dos Santos Rodrigues Jr. (MSc) 2018-present. Lattes.
  Research topics (project PDF):
       - Resource theories of thermodynamics.
       - Coherence based refrigerators.


- Bruno Ortega Goes (MSc) 2018-present. Lattes.
 Reserach topics (project PDF): 
      - Dynamics of dissipative phase transitions. 
      - Quantum Fokker-Planck equations. 

Otavio Molitor (MSc) 2018-present. Lattes
  Research topics: 
      - Quantum heat engines. 
      - Squeezing as a quantum resource for heat engines. 

- Rolando Ramirez Camasca (MSc) - 2018-present. Lattes.

   Research topics: 
     - Non-Markovianity in Gaussian collisional models with entangled environments. 
     - Hamiltonian graph states for continuous variable systems.

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- Artur Machado Lacerda (MSc) - 2018-present. 

  Research topics:
    - Information transport in quantum spin chains. 
    - Tensor Network techniques for many-body physics. 

- Mariana Afeche Cipolla (MsC) 2017-present. arXiv papersLattes.

Research topics:
 - Quantum Thermometry. 
 - Resource theories. 
 - Generalized spin-boson models (undergraduate research topic)

Marcelo J. B. Pereira (undergraduate) 2018-present.   Research topics:     - Quantum state transfer in bosonic systems.

Undergraduate students:


Gabriel Oliveira Alves (undergraduate) 2018-present. Lattes.

   Research topics (project PDF):
      - The critical Rabi model.  


- Wellington Ribeiro dos Santos (MSc):  2015-2018. ArXiv papers.
  Research topics:
     - Quantum thermodynamics applied to  magnetic resonance.
     - Heat transport and fluctuation theorems in fermionic chains under non-local dephasing.


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