Phase Transitions and

Superconductivity Group



Our group has mainly focused efforts on the understanding of the general physical properties of novel condensed matter materials.  These materials include high temperature superconductors, manganese oxides which exhibit colossal magnetoresistance, and nickel oxides which display metal-insulator transition.  We also have interest on heavy Fermion compounds and strong correlated systems.







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Research Interests

Many experiments are conducted in our laboratories in the temperature range 2 K < T < 600 K and under applied magnetic fields to 18 T.  These experiments include:

Temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity

Temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity

under pressure (P < 15 kbar) and applied magnetic fields (to 18 T)

Magnetic, pressure, and frequency dependent ac magnetic susceptibility

Magnetic field dependent magnetization up to 18 T

X-ray powder diffraction (up to 1200 ºC)

Several methods for preparing polycrystalline and single crystals at temperatures up to 1700 °C

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