Phase Transitions and

Superconductivity Group



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São Paulo, Brazil

Renato F. Jardim

Professor of Physics

Research on Novel Superconducting Oxides


Our group has focused efforts on the understanding of both the intergranular and intragranular components of High-TC oxides. This can be achieved by a systematic study of transport properties of these materials in both low and high applied magnetic fields. Thus, we have performed magnetic field and temperature dependency of electrical resistivity in High-TC cuprates.  In addition to these characterizations, we have also extracted interesting information regarding boundaries lines in the the H x T phase by performing a kind of Barkhausen transport-noise measurements in polycrystalline samples with grains aligned along the c-axis.

The current research projects also include a systematic study of the coexistence between magnetic ordering and superconductivity in Ru-based cuprates.