Quantum Information 2019

Hi everyone! Welcome to QInfo 2019. In this page you will find all the information concerning the course, including the lecture notes and problem sets. 

There will be no lectures on the 27th and 29th. 

Problem sets:

 - Problem set 1.pdf (deadline 29/04).
 - Problem set 2.pdf (deadline 10/06).
 - Problem set 3.pdf (deadline 07/07).
(Corrected some typos in Eqs. (6), (10) and (11).

Lecture notes: 

  - Last update: 13/06 (up to Sec. 6.8).
  - Lecture notes.pdf
  - Lindblad master equation for a qubit: Mathematica notebook.

About the lectures: 

Where: room 2007 (former 206 Ala 2).
When: mondays and wednesdays, from 16 to 18. 

If you want to discuss something, feel free to drop by my office any time. I’m at Ed. Alessandro Volta, Bloco C, sala 211. 

Additional information: 

 - Here is a list of useful book references. 

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