Mini-Course: Tensor Networks and Applications - April 16-20

The Tensor Networks mini-course is now over.
Thank you all for comming!

Here are the course PDFs and codes:

- Day 1: 
   - Slides 
   - Tutorial

- Day 2: 
    - Slides
    - Tutorial
Tutorial code ZIP file

- Day 3: 
   - Slides.

- Day 4:
   - Slides

- Day 5:
   - Slides.

Older information:

Here you will find information about the Mini-course on Tensor Networks and Applications. 

- The course will take place between 16/04 - 20/04. 

- Below you will find the detailed schedule
    - The lectures will be held at 10:00 AM, in Auditório Abrahão de Moraes, at the Physics Institute at USP. 
    - Here are the coordinates: 


    - On the first day (monday, 16/04), let us please meet on the Auditorium at 9:45 AM.
    - All additional information will be provided on the first day, including details of the hands-on activities.

- We encourage the presentation of posters, although that is not mandatory for participation. 

- Any questions, please contact Gabriel T. Landi ( or Luis Gregório Dias ( 

- Here are some lodging suggestions: 
  - The “Flat Econômico” is a cheap hotel which is walking distance from the Institute: 

  - Ibis Style Faria Lima is also a good choice, but you need a bus/subway/taxi/Uber to get to USP:

  - Good prices can also be found on sites such as airbnb. 

- Enrolment of graduate students:
  - Graduate students from IFUSP and outside can enroll in the course to get credits. 
  - To do so, one needs to fill out a form provided by the  “Comissão de Pós-graduação”. 
  - For additional information please see

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